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Are you a...

... Researcher / Project Lead looking for an affordable solution that will support quick access to a large collection and allow you to conduct very unique research on very unique data. <more>

... Research Assistant charged with the task of marking up the data and getting it live but you don't have the skill or the time to spend coding. <more>

... System Administrator looking for a stable, high speed solution with a small footprint that will support a growing demand for more data. <more>

... Library Collection Curator responsible for providing access to dozens of large collections with limited resources and budget. <more>




Library Collections Curator Scenario

Our digital collection was massive. It had been built over the years as the result of various projects. Each project had a slightly different structure and required its own application to access it. Together they were housed over 10 different servers on two campuses. The overhead for administering and maintaining access to them was out of proportion.

I had seen the TAPor project portal and realized that we could collapse a lot of our expense if we could provide one access point.

The TAPor project is another example of how the XTeXT solution and the underlying MultiText technology can connect large collections through a single point. Many portals claim to do this but all they really do is generate a list of database links that you need to go to individually and then re-run your query. With XTeXT you can type your query in once and search every database.



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