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Check out these two collections, both powered by isagn.

Early Canadiana Online

The Barren Lands





about MultiText

The MultiText research group is a key partner with isagn and provider of MultiText, the core technology behind the XTeXT application.

Based at the University of Waterloo, the MultiText research group develops ground-breaking techniques for indexing and searching large collections of text. And when we say large, we mean very large. Large like every issue of a daily newspaper going back to the days of peace and love in the 60's--which isn't to say that a collection the size Encyclopedia Britannica is out of scope. While MultiText can handle smaller collections with grace and agility, the group's ultimate goal is to index and search all text available electronically.

With the capacity to manage extremely large quantities of text and a continuing tradition of winning international search engine competitions (that draw the likes of Microsoft, AT&T, and OpenText), the MultiText research group is quietly setting the standard for search engines world wide.


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