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Are you a...

... Researcher / Project Lead looking for an affordable solution that will support quick access to a large collection and allow you to conduct very unique research on very unique data. <more>

... Research Assistant charged with the task of marking up the data and getting it live but you don't have the skill or the time to spend coding. <more>

... System Administrator looking for a stable, high speed solution with a small footprint that will support a growing demand for more data. <more>

... Library Collection Curator responsible for providing access to dozens of large collections with limited resources and budget. <more>




Research Assistant Scenario

As a graduate student my goal is to advance my skill and understanding of the manuscripts and bring new understanding to the field. My goal does not include a computer science degree.

With isagn's help I was able to bring a real mix of structured and unstructured data together quickly. With it all in one place I could see the data and then further refine the markup to provide a richer set of knowledge.

When working with isagn, the students are exposed to the critical issues and skills associated with humanities research. It is not a black box solution that prevents them from getting their hands dirty and it is not a one of a kind custom code solution requiring a computer science degree. They graduate with experience in the most important aspects and can further their own work on a solid foundation.


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