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Are you a...

... Researcher / Project Lead looking for an affordable solution that will support quick access to a large collection and allow you to conduct very unique research on very unique data. <more>

... Research Assistant charged with the task of marking up the data and getting it live but you don't have the skill or the time to spend coding. <more>

... System Administrator looking for a stable, high speed solution with a small footprint that will support a growing demand for more data. <more>

... Library Collection Curator responsible for providing access to dozens of large collections with limited resources and budget. <more>




Project Leader Scenario

Every one of my projects is so unique and for a long time it seemed as though I needed a different solution for each one. I found that software "products" were (and still are) too limiting. They would not allow me to preserve the elegance of the work, nor could I conduct truly innovative research. The alternative was to build a custom solution. But, I don't have access to that kind of budget or time.

I discovered that what I needed was an experienced partner to work with us one-on-one. A partner with a sound core technology that had advanced and matured through work with many of my fellow researchers.

With isagn as the partner and XTeXT as the technology, my collection was up and running quickly. In no time I was experimenting with existing tools and now I am creating my own innovative research. Finally all my collections, old and new, are accessible through a single search point.

isagn specializes in working one-on-one with humanities professionals. The innovative thinking from each project is worked into the core technology and subsequently available to all XTeXT users through their maintenance.

isagn works with both small and large project teams. Small teams appreciate the IT skills we bring to their project as their budget often limits their resources. Larger teams value our experience having worked with both organizations and researchers. They also value the depth and stability of the XTeXT technology. Because of the variety of projects we work on, project teams with their own technology and resources will consult with isagn on how to solve technical challenges.

Here are a few examples of some of the innovative functionality developed to help other project teams reach their goals

Derived Data Created at Import and Stored for Analysis Speeds Searching and Improves Accuracy
  1. On this project, the first letter on each page of the manuscript was detailed calligraphy and as such, tagged. The balance of the word was also tagged. However, the whole word wasn't tagged and thus would not appear in a search. On import, XTeXT created a derived version of the manuscript and stored the result. This allows the researchers to quickly search of both the calligraphy and the entire word.
  2. This diary collection contained inconsistent data. The same word was spelled many ways. Anyone using the database needed to have a complete knowledge of the variations in the data. To solve this problem, XTeXT created derived indexes from the data so that users can select from drop down lists. Now all users can create an accurate and complete query. Subsequently other researchers use the same functionality on materials in which the same word occurs in different languages.
Database Optimization Reduces Search Complexity
  1. The journal series in this project used data ranges in the date tags. Searching on the date required either a complex search criteria with knowledge of the date format or a complicated formula in the application layer to translate a simple query. Both methods were cumbersome and produced slow response times. The XTeXT application created a new set of derived date tags and stored them with the data. This eliminated the need for complex queries and code and significantly improved the response time.


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