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Humanities Computing research teams bring innovation and knowledge to their respective fields, and to the community as a whole.

During the course of any one of these project there are the "A Ha!" moments, and then there are the "Hmmm" moments.

isagn has helped many teams deal with the "Hmmm" moments so that they can keep their projects on schedule and bring their innovation to life.


isagn installations

Check out these two collections, both powered by isagn.

Early Canadiana Online

The Barren Lands





typical project scenarios

Find out how isagn can solve some of your most challenging project decisions.

...in your quest for funding you need a working prototype up and running quickly to support your proposal <more>

...queries are too slow on very large and/or distributed databases (100 Gig and up) <more>

...the structure of the information is very unique and the markup is extremely challenging; you don't have the budget to capture the detail, or the time <more>

...you're not sure how to markup the content in your current project because you cannot see it as whole entity <more>

...you need to bring together hundreds of small collections; each with different structure and each stored in a different location <more>

...the software tools that you have seen clearly cannot do what you need them to do, or cannot be made to do what you need with your budget <more>

...the tools supporting your existing online collection and research cannot scale to handle more data and have started to crash under the load <more>

...the cost of the server you need to house your large collection is a major obstacle to moving forward<more>

...you simply don't have access to the technical resources you need <more>

...you are not an XML/programming/web/systems guru, nor do you want to be <more>

If you identify with any of these challenges, take a closer look at how the isagn team can help you.<more>



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