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Each of the team members on a digitization project has a different set of priorities and a different set of concerns. Take a look at how isagn works with each team member to create a partnership solution that helps them reach their goals.

Researcher / Project Lead

Research Assistant

System Administrator

Library Collection Curator


isagn installations

Check out these two collections, both powered by isagn.

Early Canadiana Online

The Barren Lands




the isagn solution

Are you a...

... Researcher / Project Lead looking for an affordable solution that will support quick access to a large collection and allow you to conduct very unique research on very unique data. <more>

... Research Assistant charged with the task of marking up the data and getting it live but you don't have the skill or the time to spend coding. <more>

... System Administrator looking for a stable, high speed solution with a small footprint that will support a growing demand for more data. <more>

... Library Collection Curator responsible for providing access to dozens of large collections with limited resources and budget. <more>



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