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Are you a...

... Researcher / Project Lead looking for an affordable solution that will support quick access to a large collection and allow you to conduct very unique research on very unique data. <more>

... Research Assistant charged with the task of marking up the data and getting it live but you don't have the skill or the time to spend coding. <more>

... System Administrator looking for a stable, high speed solution with a small footprint that will support a growing demand for more data. <more>

... Library Collection Curator responsible for providing access to dozens of large collections with limited resources and budget. <more>




System Administrator Scenario

The collections on the server had grown to 60 Gig in total and the server was crashing under moderate user loads. I was anticipating having to spend $20,000 on hardware to solve the problem.

Then I downloaded the MultiText demo. I found that with an affordable $4000 server and the software I could solve the storage and scaling issues. The collections continue to grow without any issues.

The underlying MultiText search engine is specifically designed to
manage a very large amount of data on a relatively inexpensive server while providing extremely fast access - even across multiple servers. While the claim may be easy to make, the proof is in the the existing installation sites.


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